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Club members are part owners of the airplane. Members join by investing $4000. They additionally pay $100/month to cover insurance and hangar fees. They additionally pay $85 per hour (which includes fuel) to fly the aircraft. Not including the initial investment, the effective hourly rate if a pilot flys 20 hours per year is $145 per hour. This is comparable to renting an aircraft. However, unlike renting, club members are fully insured and also enjoy other benefits of a the club such as shared learning materials. The club is limited to 11 members. If a member decides to leave the club, their $4,000 is returned once a replacement member joins. Scheduling the airplane is done via an on line scheduling system. Members meet a few times a year to discuss flight safety, club business and finances and to clean the airplane. The club has a board to make decisions regarding the airplane and finances, but all members are encouraged to participate in club decisions.